Megan Wall graduated from the University of Florida (BA English 1984, MA English 1987, JD 1991). While in law school she interned at non-profit public interest legal organizations, and started an organization at her law school called the Association for Public Interest Law (APIL), which funds students to do internships at public interest firms. Since graduation she has worked as a Legal Aid attorney with various programs in Florida (Legal Services of Greater Miami; Central Florida Legal Services in Palatka; etc.). She began practicing with Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) in Jacksonville in February 2002, and in January 2005 became the Managing Attorney of an outreach office called St. Johns County Legal Aid (a branch of JALA). In addition to her legal work, she has served and continues to serve on many Bar committees and local social service organizations. In addition to her legal work and committee work she runs the St. Johns County Legal Aid Pro Bono Program through the St. Johns’ Office.