30:00 mins

Over 10 years ago, a group of elderly women came forward with a secret story they wanted to share with the world – true stories of how they were abducted as children by the Soviet Union and sent to Soviet work camps during World War II. Sworn to secrecy upon their escape, the have decided to tell their stories of their brutal internment and the ethnic cleansing that resulted in the deaths of many of their family members and friends.

The screening of this film represents the celebration of these brave women as they share their stories to shed light on this little-known part of WWII history. Most of the women are now deceased, but their secret stories will live on – as intended.
This film was created on a shoestring budget in a format intended to intrigue students and adults. A companion graphic novel delves deeper into the personal stories of these young survivors and their families.

Directed by Shannon Hart.